Power Shift 2016 Invite from Mark Ruffalo

As you probably know, actor and activist Mark Ruffalo is executive producer of Dear President Obama, and we keep in close touch with him about ways to advance the clean energy revolution.

That’s why we wanted to pass along a letter he wrote to his followers, encouraging them to participate in Power Shift 2016, a national movement organized by the Energy Action Coalition and other environmental leaders.

We’ll be screening Dear President Obama at Power Shift events across the country this year, and we hope to see you out playing your role in all the major shifts that are happening across America and the entire planet.

Mark couldn’t have put it better himself, so we share with you his letter below:

Dear fellow climate champion,

You probably know that I’m involved in a number of efforts to get our world off of fossil fuels and stop the catastrophic effects of climate change. It’s practically my part-time job (after my roles as a husband, father and actor)!

But what you may not realize is that I care about this issue just as deeply as you do. The thought of the world my children may live in can be overwhelming.

What often keeps me working hard is knowing that there are hardworking organizations like Energy Action Coalition and people like you who are fighting right along with me.

I urge you to support the future of this movement for a clean and just world by pitching in to the Power Shift Scholarship Fund today.

Power Shift convergences are a place where thousands of climate activists have been born. Maybe you’re one of them. But the truth is that if we’re going to win this, we need even more climate leaders to step up and join the fight.

And this year, all Power Shifts across the country will be showing Dear President Obama, The Clean Energy Revolution is Now. It’s a film I narrated and produced about the victims of natural gas drilling across the country, with a focus on clean energy solutions that would allow us to proceed towards a future that does not rely on yet another dirty fossil fuel extraction process.

I produced this film because I believe that a clean energy revolution is within our reach—and I believe that Power Shift is a critical piece of building the movement that will make it happen.

The urgency of addressing climate change has never been as apparent to me as it has been the last few years. We need changes in the power of this country: both electrical and political.
Let’s support young climate warriors in joining this movement and shifting the power of our country.

Join me and pitch in now to give students and young people the opportunity to join this fight for a clean energy future.


PS— Have you registered for a Power Shift near you? Power Shift 2016 is happening this summer and fall in the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, and West. If you’re interested in attending, register for Power Shift in your region here today. (Do it now!)